Emily Shields Horsemanship
"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom."

~ Helen Thomson

"The horse is a mirror.
It goes deep into the body."

~ Ray Hunt

"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears."

~ Arabian Proverb

Basic Principles

  • Working to create happy, confident horses & horse people
  • Developing respect & trust between human & horse
  • Being consistent yet adjustable
  • Clarity of intentions with follow-through
  • Remaining in the present
  • Being gentle, yet firm
  • Developing feel, timing & balance
  • The art of horsemanship

Thoughtful. Intuitive. Soft spoken. Respected.

These are words that describe Emily Shields the person and the professional.

These qualities are evident within five minutes of watching her provide horsemanship and horseback riding lessons for people and horses. Being the intuitive creatures they are, horses immediately recognize her gifts and relax in her presence. Their companion people also get it quickly as they delight in growing, trusting relationships with their horses. Emily’s training also translates to life lessons, things like overcoming fear and gaining self confidence.

Emily provides instruction and training for both riders and horses in many disciplines, including dressage, hunter/jumper, and ranch riding and roping. Her ultimate goal is to help people, especially women, learn to work with their horses in a safe, peaceful way. A way that develops a horse that can do it all and have fun doing it.

As talented an artist as she is an instructor, Emily’s artwork is a combination of realism and expressionism. She draws and paints horses in all their glory, taking dozens of photos from all angles before she begins. She also creates pet, landscape, and abstract art for clients.





Emily works with people and their horses to encourage clear, nonverbal communication between human and horse. Her ultimate goal is to help people develop safe, versatile and fun horses.

Groundwork and Horseback Riding Lessons

Emily is an instructor and clinician. She works with all ages and levels of students.


From landscape painting and portraiture of dogs and horses, Emily creates realistic pieces of art that capture the subject's spirit, aliveness, and personality.


Emily is a Reiki Master and will soon be releasing a custom equine service. More details are coming soon, so please check back!